Little Stony Point

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Little Stony Point is a small spit of land that juts out into the Hudson River.  The formation has an interesting history.  It was originally an island, but the area separating it from shore was filled in by quarry operations.  A mining company wanted to use the beach here for mining operations, but they had not obtained proper permits, and conservationists were able to block their efforts in the 1940's.  You may find an old mine shaft or two in the area if you look hard if you look hard.  Beware, they can be dangerous if you fall in.

In 1967, the area was purchased by The Georgia Pacific Company who wanted to build a wallboard factory there.  Conservationists fought the project and again won the day.  Through similar hard efforts, in 1970 the area became part of Hudson Highlands State Park and can now be enjoyed by all.  There are numerous hiking trails and there is a large sandy beach on the north side of the peninsula that is popular in the summer even though swimming is officially prohibited.


You could try to put-in by carrying your boat over the pedestrian bridge that leads to Little Stony Point, but I would suggest using the facilities in nearby Cold Spring instead.  Little Stony Point makes a great destination or stop-over, but is not a practical launching area.


Little Stony Point is a great stopover or final destination for trips in the Hudson Valley.  You may head south towards Cold Spring, Constitution Marsh and Bear Mountain, or north towards Bannerman Island and Kowawese Unique Area

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